The days are heating up, and our customers are looking for frozen treats for their dogs! Perennial favorites include Yöghund Organic Banana & Peanut Butter and Organic Blueberry & Vanilla Bean, as well as Mr. BarkSmith’s Cool Treats in Fruit Delight and Peanut Butter.

We’re pleased to announce a new product in our stores: Pet Fairy Noshers – a puree of fruits, vegetables, and honey that you can spread in your interactive toy (such as West Paw Design’s Tux, Kong, Premier’s Twist n’ Treat, or similar) and freeze, as we discussed in a previous entry. Or, if you prefer, you can use small cups and make your own smoothies.

Although these products are marketed for dogs, there’s no reason that cats couldn’t enjoy them, too! One of my cats loves canned pumpkin, and will lick it right off a spoon. My other two will sniff, and walk away without a taste.

For those pets who prefer their frozen treats to be meat-based, we of course still carry a large variety of raw bones in our freezers, supplied by Bravo!, Nature’s Variety, and Primal: beef and bison marrow bones in various sizes; beef and bison knuckle bones; lamb, pork, and venison femur bones. These bones are great for heavy chewers, and don’t splinter like cooked bones can.

Meaty bones that are suitable for meal replacement or supplementation include: chicken backs, necks, and wings; as well as turkey necks. While cooked poultry bones are likely to splinter, raw bones are soft, and are much safer, though we encourage our customers to supervise their dogs and cats while eating these meaty treats.